Lungisile Ntsebeza


Prof Lungisile Ntsebeza is the Director and Holder of the AC Jordan Chair in the Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town. He is also the holder of the DST-NRF South African Research Chair in Land Reform and Democracy in South Africa. He has conducted extensive published research on the land question in South Africa around themes such as land rights, traditional authorities, democratisation in the countryside, and social movements.

Prof Ntsebeza’s first book, Democracy Compromised: Chiefs and the Politics of Land in South Africa was initially published in 2005 by Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden and re-published in 2006 by the HSRC Press. He has also co-edited four books: Papers from the Pre-colonial Catalytic Project – Volume 1, Centre for African Studies, 2014 with Chris Saunders; The Promise of Land: undoing a century of dispossession. Johannesburg: Jacana, 2013, with Fred Hendricks & Kirk Helliker; and with Thembela Kepe, Rural Resistance in South Africa: The Mpondo Revolts after fifty years, Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, 2011 and UCT Press, 2012; The Land Question in South Africa: the Challenge of Transformation and Redistribution, HSRC Press, 2007, with Ruth Hall. His current research interests, apart from land and agrarian questions, include an investigation of African Studies at the University of Cape Town and a related project on the political and intellectual history of the late Archie Mafeje; and the Pre-colonial Catalytic project.

Prof Ntsebeza is the inaugural President of the newly established Association of African Studies of Africa (ASAA) which was launched in October 2013 – see